How To Grow And Care For Lenophyllum Texanum | Texas Sedum, Coastal Sedum

Lenophyllum Texanum is a flowering succulent which is Crassulaceae family. This plant is native to northern Mexico and coastal areas in Texas in the United States. It is not a hybrid plant and can easily find in the coastal areas in Texas in the US. Lenophyllum is a semi-desert plant. This is not a widely available plant, therefore it is known as a rare succulent plant, due to its limited availability. Lenophyllum is hanging succulents.

Lenophyllum Texanum also knows as Coastal Sedum, Texas Sedum, Sedum Texanum, Sedum Texas. It has thick green foliage and its flowers are yellow. When the plant gets matured Lenophyllum Texanum produces a small yellow flower. While it is in the full sun its leaves turn to full green and in partial shade turns more bronze-green. When it grows as a bush in a pot it can hang.

Texas Sedum is a perennial plant and it generally dormant in winter and actively grows from spring to fall. Like other succulents, Coastal Sedum requires a well-drained soil mix. This plant can thrive in full sun to partial. While growing texas sedum indoors, it requires bright light to produce its true colors.

Lenophyllum Texanum Care
Lenophyllum Texanum plant

How to Care For Lenophyllum Texanum.

Lexas Sedum (Coastal Sedum) has minimum maintain. It requires dry growing conditions.

Lenopylllum Soil mix.

Lexas Sedum can thrive in well-drain fertile soil. Though you cannot use an all-purpose regular potting mix as it is. We have to use soil amendments to make it more succulent friendly.

  • Regular potting mix 40%.
  • Fine Sand/Coarse sand or washed sands 30%.
  • Perlite/Pumice 20%.
  • Pebble or rock chips 10%.
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When using cup measurements, use 4 cups of normal potting mixture, and 3 cups of sand, respectively.



Since Lenophyllum Texanum is a semi-desert plant it likes to sit on dry soil. Between two watering circles, the soil needs to completely dry. Always check the surface and two inches of soil dryness before water. If there is excessive moisture plant can rot. You can find out more about succulent watering tips detail guide.



The ideal temperature is 66°F to 75°F (19°C to 24°C). Lexas Sedum is not a cold-hardy plant. This plant cannot survive below 40°F (5°C). This is a drought-tolerant plant. In winter it is recommended to move the plant indoors or in greenhouses to protect it from frost.



Lenophyllum Texanum requires bright light to thrive. This plant loves full sun, though it can tolerate partial shade. When you are growing indoor, it is recommended to provide supplementary artificial light. In shade places, Lenophyllum Texanum leaves turning to bronze-green and in full sunlight, its leaves turn to full green.



During the spring it is recommended to apply a balanced fertilizer (N:P:K). Adding a few organic composts once a year is a good practice. If your wish to develop flowers it is recommended to apply high Potassium (High K) liquid fertilizer.



When you are growing the plant in hanging succulent pots or rock gardens regular prune not necessary. If you are growing lenophyllum texanum as an indoor tabletop plant, it is required to prune to keep ornamental aspect.



Lenophyllum texanum propagation can be done via leaf, seeds, stem cuttings, or divisions. You can find out the detail of succulent propagation methods. New plants can be obtained by covering a small branch of the plant with soil.

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Annual repotting not necessary for Coastal Sedum. When the plant overgrown that is the right time to repot. You can easily identify overgrown pots by checking the number of plants in the pot.

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