Author: Chathuranga

I'm the owner of My wife and I love succulents and cactus. We grow these plants in our house. This is an ultimate resource for all things on the care of succulent plants and cacti. About Me

Is Charcoal Good For Succulents and Cactus?

Charcoal is widely used in horticultural, mostly potted plants, including succulents and cactus. This is a more durable material and can substitute for perlite and pumice to reduce soil wetness. This means charcoal can absorb the moisture and store them …

Best Succulents Soil Mix At Home | DIY Soil Recipe

Grow succulent plants in pots or containers with greater convenience. They can be used for decoration both indoors and outdoors. One of these plants’ primary benefits is that they are less maintaining and slow-growing, and easily adapted to a harsh …
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