Hi, I am Chathuranga.

I like gardening. My wife and I live in a house in an urban area with limited outdoor space. Almost all of our plants are grown on the balcony.

Like many others, my first succulent plant dies a few days after the purchase. That’s because of excessive water application. However, I never diminished my interest in these plants. I have made many mistakes and shortcomings while doing this cultivation. Based on the personal experience gained from it, I am now able to cultivate a successful succulents indoor garden.

Now I grow succulent as my style and hobby. This site is a collection of personal experiences I have learned over the years regarding succulents and cactus.

Succulent Plant Guru is your ultimate source for a successful succulent garden. We cover everything about indoor and outdoor succulent and cactus.

If you have any issue or concern or help, feel free to drop an email to [email protected]

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